Model XQ89/3YC power tongs are a special device for workover and service activities at wellhead, used for tubing make up/break out,  
The tongs can be used in hazardous areas, being registered by the National Institute for Research and Development in Mine Safety and Protection to Explosion INSEMEX Romania in the  ”Register of Technical Equipment Subject to Self-Certification”  
Technical Data
Application Range:
        - tubing: 2 3/8” – 3 ½”
Max. working pressure: 10 MPa (1450 psi)
Max. oil flow: 80 l/m (21 gpm)
Torque (high gear): 1,1 kN.m (810 ft.lb)
Torque (low gear): 3 kN.m (2210 ft.lb)
Speed (high gear): 100 rot/min
Speed (low gear): 30 rot/min
Weight: 158 kg (350 lb)
Overall dimensions: 650x430x550 mm