The rig is designed and built in order to train the servicing personnel for the following operations:

a) Drilling of gas and oil wells;

b) Workover operations like: running in and out of the tubing and sucker rods, dewaxing, handling of bottom pumps, fishing operations with or without the rotation of the rotary table;

c) Repair and put on production operations like: running in and out of the tubing or drill pipes, swabbing, bailing, milling of the cement plugs, windows cuttings in the drill string, deepening of the drill hole, fishing operations.




The rig is mainly composed by more operational units like:

1. Main rig unit, includes the electric and Diesel power units, drawwork with 2 drums, transmissions and rotary table, mast with crownblock and monkey board, traveling block, swivel, and air, hydraulic and electric control systems.;

2. Substructure unit, includes the pipe ramp with slope, circulation platforms and containers for the auxiliary equipment;

3. The pumping unit includes the mud pump, electric driving motor, transmissions; 

4. The power unit, includes the electric generators, and the control power station of the electric motors;

5. The auxiliary power unit includes: air, hydraulic and fuel supply equipment;

6. The mud system includes cleaning and mixing tanks, shale shaker, desander, desilter, atmospheric degasser, bottom guns and agitators;

7. Blow out preventer unit includes control station and blow out manifold;

8. The class-room and study platform is performed for a group of 24 persons to be trained at the same time.



  • Max hook load capacity:80 MT
  • Diameter of the main wireline: 25 mm (1 in)
  • Diameter of the sandline :14 mm (9/16 in)
  • Rig drive type :Diesel/ Electric engine
  • No. of the driving motors : 1 +1 ;
  • Driving type : Diesel with CATERPILLAR C10 engine power 365 HP / 2100 rpm, and Allison transmission CLT 754, 5+1R -electric with 200kW, 700rpm, 400V motor
  • Total weight of the Training Rig: 310 tons.